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Project Coordinator - Community
Budget: $0.00

Technologies: Digital Platform Proficiency, Proactive Mindset, Task Management Tools, Zendesk

Duration: 12

The Reddit Collectible Avatars program is seeking an Operations Coordinator to oversee various operational tasks, ensuring smooth workflows and maintaining high standards of efficiency and effectiveness in their processes.

This is a part-time position, with 10-20 hours per week and an immediate start date.

For international contractors, this position is structured as a freelance engagement, and for those based in the US, it is classified as a W2 engagement.

The program provides artists and creators with the unique opportunity to design and share their own avatar collections, which users can purchase and use across the Reddit platform.

The Operations Coordinator's responsibilities include monitoring review queues, processing escalation queues, overseeing staging pipelines, managing community interactions, updating the shop's dynamic layout, and managing creator onboarding issues.

The ideal candidate should have proven experience in operational coordination or a similar role and possess excellent communication and organizational skills, the ability to work independently, manage multiple tasks simultaneously, be proficient in using digital tools and platforms for task management.

Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail are a must.

The Operations Coordinator's role is vital in maintaining the operational integrity and efficiency of the program and requires a proactive, detail-oriented, and capable individual who can manage various tasks in a fast-paced environment.