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Senior AWS Data Engineer
Budget: $0.00

Technologies: Aws Big Data Technologies, Aws Dynamodb, Aws Services And Solutions, Big Data Analytics Pipelines, Etl Pipelines, Hadoop And Apache Spark, Python (pyspark, Pandas), Sql And Database Development

Duration: 12

Rackner, a software consultancy, is seeking a Sr. AWS Data Engineer responsible for data ingestion, data pipeline, and website work. This person will be responsible for developing cloud-based (AWS) software services and solutions, creating and driving large scale ETL pipelines in AWS based environments and integrating data from multiple data sources. The Sr. AWS Data Engineer needs to have software development and programming skills using Python (PySpark, Pandas), Terraform, Hadoop and Apache Spark cluster and management, and SQL and database development skills. Additionally, AWS big data technologies: S3, Glue, EMR, Kinesis, RDS, Redshift, Athena, and NoSQL databases such as AWS DynamoDB are crucial for this role.