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Software Engineer III
Budget: $0.00

Technologies: Aws, BackEnd, C# .net, Cloud Deployments, NoSQL, RDBMS, SaaS, Technical Documentation, Test driven development

Duration: 12

The Match Group is looking for a dedicated and experienced Software Engineer III to join their MGCS team, which is part of the Central Platform team.

The MGCS team provides central services to all Match Group brands through unique Software as a Service (SaaS). Reporting to the MG engineers, the successful candidate will be responsible for building and operating central services that have an essential influence on all Match Group brands. Additionally, the Software Engineer III will create RESTful API endpoints, update existing endpoints, and deploy new services using core technologies in AWS.

The successful candidate will troubleshoot issues related to the performance, reliability, scalability, and stability of the central services and create technical specifications, API documentation, and operational guides. The ideal candidate will be a team player with a solid understanding of basic computer science principles, fundamental programming, and experience working with C# .Net, cloud deployments, and Test Driven Development. The position also requires the ability to dive into low-level details, implement technical designs, and deliver aspects of the B2B (SaaS) software engineering, including technical documentation and implementation of business logic.