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VP of Financial Operations
Budget: $0.00

Technologies: Capacity Planning, Communication Skills, Customer Experience, Data Analysis, Financial Models, Operations Management, Project Management, Staffing, Strategic Thinking

Duration: 12

Who are we?

Invisible’s global network of agents are what make it possible to create Cohere, AI21, and Microsoft AI large language models(LLMs). Collaborating with top AI foundational companies, we leverage our extensive agent base to generate insights that aid in training AI models, streamlining repetitive human processes.

And we’re very good at it. We’re going through a period of tremendous growth, over $100 million USD ARR, and we are profitable. Despite our reach, we have only ~140 full-time employees, and every one of us has a significant impact, ownership, and equity in the business.

While our core market is AI today, our long-term goals are more broad. We want to use the success of our AI business to propel a broader ‘operations as a service’ business that covers all BPO, outsourcing, and enterprise automation functions.

Our vision is to build a human+AI operations platform that allows our customers to generate human-created data assets and complete back-office tasks as easily as using an API. As we grow, we are expanding outwards to hundreds of other business processes beyond our early success with AI model training.


Your Mission

As the operations innovation company, high-performing operations are the heart of the value that we deliver to our clients. The VP of Operations (Financial Services) will build out and lead operations and client delivery for our Financial Services vertical. You will be collaborating across the organization—including with Growth, Marketing, and Product—to develop industry-specific strategies and offerings for our Financial Services clients and to facilitate new discovery and implementation. You will be building and scaling a new operations team that is responsible for the end-to-end customer experience, as well as driving ongoing profitability, efficiency, and scale of our operations.

A successful candidate will be able to set the vision and strategy for a large-scale delivery business. They will role model service mentality, collaborate across the company to design operational improvements and efficiency, and possess the experience and skills to manage global teams. Applicants should be fast, adaptable learners to keep pace within this high-velocity space and to be a strategic, thought-partner to our clients via our tech-enabled process automation.



  • Leadership of Large, Complex Operations: Set the vision and strategy for the Financial Services Operations team, and manage a team of hundreds (Directors, Managers and Analysts) through the production and delivery of unique and highly nuanced processes. Ensure the Operations team scales to meet company expansion goals, by overseeing the hiring, staffing, and development of sizable teams. Set goals/KPIs for teams to manage strategic objectives and client processes excellently.

  • Strategic Client Management: Partner with new and existing customers on both strategic and tactical levels, working with them to define their needs, map their processes, and ensure our work is achieving their goals. Serve as a strategic point of contact and escalation point for clients. Drive strong, profitable relationships.

  • Business Savvy & Systems Thinking: Iterate on the design of our processes, driving the prioritization of upgrades across AI, automation, and human talent. Be relentlessly curious, creative and proactive in implementing solutions to critical issues. Seek cross-cutting improvements to systems to improve the team. Drive cross-organization change management.

Within the Financial Services vertical, our priorities are broad and diverse, with clients ranging from Private Equity, to Hedge Funds, FinTech, Banking, and Insurance.


Skills and Qualifications

  • More than 5+ years of experience in operations management in a client-facing capacity; proven track record delivering exceptional service as a consultant or strategic partnership. Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. 

  • Strong management and leadership skills and ability to provide guidance and support to a team, including experience managing an organization of at least 50+ people (though 200+ would be preferred) across at least 2 layers of management (e.g. managing managers). Ability to work remotely and manage teams without in-person interaction.

  • Experience building and managing financial models, especially cost-driven analysis; comfortable with data analysis in spreadsheets, managing complex formulas and building processes. Experience in capacity planning and project management.

  • Ability to think strategically with agility in complex and difficult situations. Strong sense of urgency and ability to prioritize.

  • Strong familiarity in Financial Services to speak credibly, as well as intimate knowledge of key business processes.