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Stop hiring

Overcome the need of hiring talent, vendors or freelancers. No ramp up, no ramp down, only work.

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Post work

Simply publish projects & tasks on AiDOOS, they are distributed among experts around the globe.

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Zero overheads

Enterprises pay-on-the-go for the work delivered. No layers, No hidden costs, No bench time.

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Scale up & down

Scaling up and scaling down is automated, post as many tasks, global talent pick them up in no time.

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Rapid Development

Tasks are split and distributed among the experts around the globe, providing quicker turnaround.

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Assured Quality

Platform's in-built team review process and verification assure quality delivery.

This is how we help your company grow!

Publish your tasks in a fully automated & seamless way and leave the rest to AiDOOS

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Publish Tasks

Publish tasks directly on the platform or push them from your existing ALM tools using integrations.

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Track & Review

Work closely with the assigned expert on the platform. Track the progress, answer queries, review and approve the tasks.

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Approve & payment

After approval, AiDOOS releases the payment to experts. Ensure you maintain sufficient balance to be able to publish tasks seamlessly.

How we are different?

Publish. Scale. Save.

Our unique business model eliminates the gap between the right talent and the business. When the world has gone remote, why should businesses restrict the hiring to geographic boundaries?

Frequently asked questions

If you have more questions,
write to us at support@aidoos.com
How different is this from freelancing platforms?
Freelancing platforms merely list the professionals that organizations can choose from. It is not feasible for organizations to vet hundreds of freelance professionals, review their work, and pick the right one. With AiDOOS, organizations simply post the tasks, and the platform takes care of the rest.
Current models have huge overhead costs, and customers end up paying for overheads and non-productive time too. With AiDOOS, customers pay only for the tasks done on the platform, thus saving up to 50% or more on annual software maintenance.
Our platform categorizes Subject Matter Experts based on skills, expert level, work history, etc. It identifies the right SME based on the task technology, skills and expertise required.
AiDOOS has built-in AI-powered project management, which keeps monitoring the due date, progress being made, follows up with SMEs to ensure SLA's are adhered to.
Apart from an AI-powered project management engine, the platform also has a mechanism to intervene where required to remove the task from an SME and reassign it to a different one. It ensures the delivery of tasks on time unless in extreme and exception scenarios which are conveyed to organizations.
Yes, tasks can be withdrawn at any time.. There is no penalty if the task is withdrawn before an SME picks it up, and the task amount is added back to the wallet immediately. However, if an SME has already picked up the task, the organization pays the full task amount.
Update the wallet with sufficient funds before publishing the task. Upon publishing the task, the cost of the task is deducted from the wallet and is kept with the platform. When SME delivers the task, and the task is accepted, that amount is paid out to SME.
There is a Live Chat capability built into the platform at the task level. You can regularly interact and closely work with SMEs to resolve the queries towards ensuring SMEs are on the same page with you.
No, our model is to find the right expert for the right task. However, our model also finds experts based on familiarity, i.e., assigns the same experts for repeated work from organization/project.

Our happy enterprises

When Aegis had to expedite ERP upgrade work and was looking for a way to do so, AiDOOS jumped in with its innovative task delivery platform. Everything worked in a simple and seamless way. We wish to continue this model for all our future needs.
1-800-dentist embarked on a journeyt to implement Dynamics CRM. A typical CRM implemenation methodology would have probably taken six months and costs would have gone higher. AiDOOS methodology simplified the whole process and pulled off the implementation in three months.
Nissan had to migrate from legacy IT system to new age system. Data was complex and migration was holding us back to go-live. That's when AiDOOS pitched in, ramped up data migration experts within no time, who designed and migrated data to new system, go-live was done as planned.
When our ERP partner left abruptly, we were in a complete mess. Our accunts department was bleeding, books were not matching, it was chaos all over. A typical partner finding, negotiations, onboarding woudld have taken a sweet 3 to 6 months. With AiDOOS, we just started working rightaway.
Our parent comapny WPP was rolling out AX ERP to entire south east asian countries. We had to scale our implementation rapidly and simultaneouly in multiple countries. AiDOOS has a great model to scale global talent pool within no time.
Microsoft from time-to-time finds products suitable for acquisition and needs strong due diligence partners. AiDOOS did a great job in analyzing the products thoroughly and evaluate the fitment of it into MS product suite. They provided a quick turnaround of 2 weeks for the work.

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