“Being confined in job boundaries is like swimming in an endless pool of frustration.” Imagine having a constant job at hand that provides attractive packages but keeps you inside a shell. While decent job pay and annual benefits sound attractive to a layman, on the downside, every good thing comes with a price. For ages, people have been mended into thinking of the corporate world as a means of sustaining life, but little were they aware of the consequences inside this custody.

Working inside a corporate bubble can be a mundane routine and lead to a boring life. A corporate job would guarantee lifetime savings and a secure environment for employees to run their families and home. But it doesn’t do much other than creating a safety net for personal finances. That aside, a corporate job binds people within a zone. People often forget to explore their creativity and experience a dismal lifestyle.

Working at a corporate company provides people with stable monthly pay and specific insurance schemes that go a long way. But with the hierarchy of roles in a corporate world, the benefits differ. It may also seem like big corporations use their employees to get things done at a minimal labor wage. Instead of taking productive inputs from their employees, roles are assigned, and people are bound within guidelines.

Corporate jobs and monthly salaries are a trap, limiting individuals from thinking big and pursuing their passion. It is especially so for the young enthusiastic labor force that joins the corporate bubble thinking of making it big but are left with tasks that have minimal value and relevance to their passion. If presented with secure funding and a safe environment for working, any individual in need to sustain their life would get trapped and bound within the corporate guidelines.

Some of the aspects that hinder an individual’s personality in corporate custody are:


  • Employees focus on completing daily tasks instead of objectifying long-term goals.

  • Zero innovation is expected from an employee. In fact, a person working in a corporate world often forgets to think big or out of the box.

  • Employees cannot contribute sufficiently to business decisions and innovations, as the inputs are taken from higher management authorities.

  • A mundane corporate routine could lead to a dull, boring life along with a harmful sedentary lifestyle.


Problems with the current corporate model involve extended hiring processes and longer vendor models. A higher level of job requires additional skills and an intensive selection process that takes longer than usual. Instead of seamlessly getting people to work according to their abilities, corporate companies consider multiple aspects before assigning a role. It may lead to longer selection processes and a higher risk of losing employees as a business asset.

A longer vendor model that incorporates custody would include several sellers that delay producing and selling products designed to support the organization’s credit-risk measurement and management functions.

Even with so many people entering the corporate world each day, the decrease in employee satisfaction can be easily seen. In such instances, a platform must regulate work processes and build a network where their opinions and expertise are valued and considered. New age platforms like AiDOOS enable individuals to shun their fears and dream big. These platforms encourage people to think innovatively and establish a distinct style in the market.

AiDOOS is an emerging future–of–work platform that enables IT professionals to sign up as experts and leverage the platform for IT tasks. Rather than being a freelancer platform, AiDOOS is a new way of IT solutions where the platform owns delivery with deep integrations.

AiDOOS has two significant functions on its platform, for companies and experts. Companies can publish tasks in a fully automated and seamless manner, and the platform would divide the work accordingly. Individuals can join thousands of experts on the platform, forming teams and providing services to global companies. It allows individuals to offer productive inputs in the decision-making process and put their expertise to good use.

AiDOOS works on the “pay per task” model where instead of forming large IT groups, enterprises can push their IT maintenance onto the platform. Breaking the monotonous, hierarchical work division, IT experts can take work on-demand on AiDOOS and add the best value to their work profile. IT experts even get to experience working in a non-bureaucratic setup that creates a sustainable future of work for them.

IT professionals and CXOs can sign up now on AiDOOS to experience the future of working.

Some of the advantages of using AiDOOS are:


  • Rather than being a freelancer platform, AiDOOS works towards gathering work from organizations and dividing it among the experts on the platform.

  • Being an on-demand software development service platform, AiDOOS works with experts in their field and assures that they are well-versed and regularly updated with the industry trends. The Artificial Intelligence of the AiDOOS platform effortlessly picks and assigns tasks based on the expertise of the SMEs, giving them the power not seen in a corporate job.

  • AiDOOS helps enterprises save money on infrastructure, overheads, operation teams, hiring costs, and more. The organization needs to pay only for the tasks completed and approved, making the process easier and giving IT professionals a break from the corporate custody.

  • Following an agile methodology when working with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), AiDOOS helps them save time and set up goals as per their requirements. Individuals get to experience the freedom of analyzing without team management tasks.

  • IT professionals do not have to work according to a rule book and have the liberty to explore their creativity without any hierarchical division.

  • The SMEs on AiDOOS are known to provide services of assured quality. Since AiDOOS provides these experts leverage to manage their projects and tasks directly on the platform, mistakes are eliminated.






An in-house IT team would work towards a common goal, but the job could become mundane quickly. Moreover, the importance of each individual’s expertise is never taken into much consideration. AiDOOS is the future of work platforms, where professionals could experience working with global companies and remain under a safety net while being away from the corporate job hustle. AiDOOS is the new and emerging future of on-demand software development services, providing valuable resources for all IT software services.

To get started with AiDOOS, IT professionals and CXOs could sign up on AiDOOS.

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