Crowdsourcing is a buzz word in the corporate world and it became one of the most sensible approaches for the corporate masterminds. A very common practice was there to get ideas and suggestions from a group when one cannot find the same of his or her self. The same concept is applied in large enterprises to collect ideas, solutions and information from crowds either paid or unpaid and usually via internet and is named crowdsourcing. The ‘innovation contests’, the ‘idea contests’ are some forms of crowdsourcing commonly found. The main aim of crowdsourcing is to complete a task that delivers real value when executed by a crowd. In such a case, the physical presence of the individuals is hidden and so the individuals in the crowd can focus more confidently on the task, rather than their physical presence. However, adopting crowdsourcing can be negative for companies according to many. 

Suppose, there is the need to take a tough decision about your company on an urgent basis and you are not able to decide on what to do. What will you do next? If there are any advisory committee or board of directors or similar individuals, you will call a meeting to discuss the case and will come to a decision from the discussion. If two or more people can provide a solution, is the power of some thousands or millions negligible? Not at all and that is the promise of crowdsourcing. Companies can get innovative ideas, proper solutions, etc. faster and also at lower cost through crowdsourcing than internal members.

Limitations of crowdsourcing:

But, the problem with business tycoons and also top level companies in adopting crowdsourcing is they have to put the business problems out for the public to brain-work on it. This leads to exposure of sensitive information and strategy or plans of companies to the public. Still, the benefits of this platform lead to adopting the same for companies. Although crowdsourcing is an important tool for many corporate sectors till now, still this platform has come to a saturation point.

In the age of Artificial Intelligence, organizations are more dependent on the machines. In such a case, is the role of human intelligence and human resources at stake? Not very likely that. Using crowdsourcing or utilizing human resources, the machines will deliver more productive solutions or suggest the right and effective outcomes are what research and study focus. 

Why crowdsourcing and Artificial Intelligence need to be knotted? 

With the limitations of crowdsourcing and the market for crowdsourcing reaching its maturity level, it is very clear that the use of the concept in the coming years will diminish to a large extent or will show no growth in the market. According to a study, the market for crowdsourcing grew about 37 % and is believed to continue at that rate. In this context, another report says that about 3,000 companies or more provide crowdsourcing services and are in search of the next generation crowdsourcing applications. So, when artificial intelligence combines with crowdsourcing, the same will motivate the crowds by continuing the development of knowledge. In simple words, the combination of people and machines will lead to the next generation application called ‘machine-sourcing’. What does that mean? That means, corporate and other organization will combine the two to use crowds for enhancing AI capabilities like machine learning and AI will analyze the crowdsourced discussion. 

Knowing the effects of converging AI with crowdsourcing, which companies are showing the ways to combine the same?

The positive impacts of AI and crowdsourcing have to lead to many companies to adopt the combination. The main aim is to grow business and satisfy the clients or customers. In the area of customer satisfaction, no company wants to compromise, because that is the ultimate goal in the path of business growth. And in doing so, the combination of machine learning with a human resource is very much vital. Here are some companies who have shown the ways to combine machine learning and human interference for improving their products and services. 
AirBnB is a shared-economy based company that connects the traveler with a host. One of the most common worries in this company is the fraudulent behavior from both the traveler’s end and the host’s end. To nullify this worry, the machine learning process is used to identify the fraudulent activity and the team of safety & trust is used to look after the data and results. 

The musical app company Spotify offer user’s account that uses several data and user history to create a customized playlist. Here, the filters and the search results suggest the favorite playlists or customize the playlist according to the mood of users. This is an example of a combination of machine learning with human interference.

Another example is Unbabel. This is a human translation platform that is powered by artificial intelligence. The translation is more than just word for word conversion and it is best done by human translators. However, combining the machine learning capabilities of the system and human translations make the process of delivering online translations to be consistent. Over time, the translation service works intelligently using machine learning and artificial intelligence by understanding the right phrase or words to be used in the context.
Role of AIDOOS in next generation crowdsourcing movement:

To understand how AIDOOS can contribute to crowdsourcing movement, it is better to understand the working principle of crowdsourcing. Individuals, companies or business place an advertisement on a specific project or problem on a website that is relevant to it and invites general public or professionals associated with that subject. The role of the professionals or the public will be to propose a solution to the problem or to finish the project. When the task is done, the crowd are recognized with remuneration or rewards.
AIDOOS allows such platform where business, companies or individuals can advertise their requirements like the problems associated with the business or process. The subject matter experts or mass people with adequate knowledge on the specific subject related to the project or problem on an advertisement will sign in on AIDOOS platform to take up the task. Once the task is completed, they will deliver and the advertiser will pay the remuneration as per the advertised amount.   

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