Millennials and Gen-Z workers, one of the fastest-growing and extensive workforce today, often struggle with maintaining a proper work-life balance. The constant hustle of job shifting and the unending talent war takes a toll on their mental health. This is where remote working comes as a blessing in disguise, making work-life balance possible.

After suffering the wrath of the pandemic, we have all experienced a change in working patterns and how the terms working from home, co-working, travel working, gigging, and condensed weeks have become much more familiar worldwide, all thanks to the telecommuting workforce and hot desk policies of the companies. With cloud adaptation, remote working is mostly technology-driven.

In this blog post, we will discuss the novel concept of ‘on-demand’ software development and how it is a win-win situation for employees and employers. However, let us discuss some existing business models and what problems one may face using them before shifting to the more advantageous approach, which we will discuss later in this article.


Current Business Models


The indefinite lock-downs during COVID-19 have made businesses of all sizes adapt to remote working as a completely new way of operating. Many surveys inferred that employees working currently from home during the ongoing pandemic would like to continue working in the same manner post COVID, and this figure is estimated to be around 58%. That is indeed a solid indicator of people feeling more inclined to work remotely!

Let us understand this by discussing two existing business models, which are mainly office-based, and the problems they cause:

Complex Vendor Models

Hiring multiple vendors has several hidden costs and risks associated with planning, processing, timeline management, project management, communication, and analytics of a marketing strategy. It may even lead to less effective results. Here are some common problems with this business model:


Missing functionality during planning
Hiring multiple vendors makes it difficult for a company to delegate responsibilities, and crucial functionalities may not be implemented. Catering to many clients results in multiple vendors billing you for duplicate costs, making you pay more for less.

Complex processes
The more people are involved, the more difficult it becomes to determine their availability and get things done, making processes more complex. Working with multiple vendors demands reviewing and approving work at every stage.

Difficulty analyzing results
With a vendor model, it becomes difficult to measure the results of a project. With convoluted client and customer figures, it is even more difficult to track a report in detail. The end will only be a failed effort.


Long hiring cycles

Hiring is one of the most important processes for any organization, and a corporate leader knows very well nothing is more damaging than long hiring cycles. Apart from this, it also brings negative business and recruiting impacts. Here are some of the negative consequences seen with long hiring cycles:


Losing competent candidates
Top performers stay in the job market for just a few days. Hence, lengthening the hiring cycle may make them go after quicker, sought-after opportunities.

Losing revenue and productivity
Long hiring cycles can cause vacant positions to remain unfilled for long, stopping critical work due to unnecessary vacancies affecting the time required to develop new products.

A rise in hidden hiring costs
A long hiring cycle involves more management, recruiter, and employee interviewing times and whopping costs not added to the standard cost-per-hire.

The above two are examples of some practices regularly followed in industries that severely influence their revenue. Considering all the ins and outs of traditional working styles, AiDOOS has come up with an ultimate solution that promises to prevent losses and prolonged waiting hours. These points have been discussed further in this blog.


The AiDOOS "Future of work" Model


Organizations spend heavily on IT development and software maintenance, which eventually results in non-value added work and higher overheads, causing a loss in value and delays in the overall processes of an organization. AiDOOS on-demand software development ‘Future of work’ platform is designed to remove non-value-added work and overheads with a pay-per-task model for organizations to get their IT work done.

This on-demand software development offering enables organizations to develop software and maintain it on the platform, pay just for the tasks delivered, and save huge time and money without ever shifting a job.

The ‘Future of Work’ is not just a platform but also a process, philosophy, and framework that puts people at the center. This platform enables organizations to put the AiDOOS methodology into practice, complementing all the existing methodologies. AiDOOS has people associated with the platform, a defined process, and technology to implement processes.

As remote working is becoming a norm, enterprises are realizing and embracing this model widely for reduced IT infra expenditure. It makes IT simple by blending technology infrastructure and human intelligence, enabling individuals to work from anywhere, connect to the customer environment directly, and perform IT tasks.


Highlights of ‘Future of Work’ Platform


The ‘Future of Work’ platform is based on the below guiding principles:


  • Opportunity at every location
  • No overheads
  • IT centric to Business centric
  • Talent and expertise as a service
  • Technology infrastructure facilitator
  • Human intelligence partner
  • Talent pooling
  • IT development and maintenance by Subject Matter Experts around the world
  • Organizations fulfilling the demand of hiring large teams and coping with talent wars
  • Splits work into individual tasks and merges them to deliver outstanding outcomes
  • Provides talent opportunities to customers, ensures they are paid equally well, and gets tasks done by the right individual
  • Has a services repository saving time on building something existing already
  • Workers report lower stress levels and strike a healthy work-life balance by working in a comfortable space
  • Incentivizes long working hours by saving time on travel
  • Retains best talents
  • More operational freedom, work fulfillment, and job satisfaction




With remote working becoming the new trend across every vertical, there are higher chances of jobs shifting in this space in the future due to the gains it offers in the form of reduced costs and larger revenues, helping companies attract more remote workers to remain competitive.

Now, it will be possible for enterprises to have a 24-hour work cycle with this flexible work arrangement, globalizing the market. Also, companies can operate round the clock without keeping physical offices open.

It is also profitable for large corporations in the long run who wish to open offices at multiple locations. They can now do so with lower investments in finance and manpower.

With on-demand development becoming the future of employment, AiDOOS has come up with a path-breaking solution, the ‘Future of Work’ platform. Whether it is a task, a project, or a POC, AiDOOS has a solution for everything you could ever ask for!

Visit AiDOOS and Sign Up today to experience a different world of working!

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