Uberification of IT Services

In this Agile world, IT teams are expected to respond to the business needs on an immediate basis even if it involves sudden peaks and valleys in workload. With this uneven work flowing in, it becomes extremely difficult and tricky to hire the right number of resources as managers cannot predict when ramp up and when to ramp down. It gets even trickier when there are tight delivery dates, high-quality work expectations and small budgets. In this moment of hustle, any company would want to concentrate on project execution rather than fussing into hiring issues. On an additional yet important note, the main cause behind most of the project failures is not having right skilled resources on the project which in turn is about their hiring strategies. 

Projects come with a set budget and high expectations of quality work to remain competent in the market. So, if they attempt to hire well experienced resources, ramp up consumes all their project budget half way into project plus hiring requires longer cycles causing delays to project. And, if they do contrary to the above situation, i.e., hiring freshers or under experienced resources, quality goes for a toss impacting their market position or pushing the launch date out by months.

So, all this hustle and juggle can be sorted out with a small yet a smart decision, that is hiring freelancers. Freelancing also known as gig economy or on-demand economy, has transformed the conventional way of working into a modern and broader mindset. Working with freelancers is like online shopping, you tell what you want to get, but unsure of the quality and the product that you receive. Yes, it involves risk. There are many freelancing platforms in the market, but none of them make delivery or quality commitments. This probably has put most of the main steam work away from freelancing platforms. All the work that is happening in these platforms is ad-hoc, one-time work that requires niche skills. Also, these platforms require you to browse and choose a freelancer every time you post a requirement. 

However, like all eras have their revolutions to bring a shift to prevailing pitfalls, AIDOOS, an on-demand software development platform is built to bring in that revolutionary change in the freelancing era. Just as with Uber where you hire a ride but not a cab, with AIDOOS, you hire freelancing and not a freelancer. AIDOOS does meticulous screening and onboards proven Subject Matter Experts. On top of it, it has built-in delivery commitment and quality assurance hence organizations need not spend cycles hiring, they just need to post the tasks onto AIDOOS platform and the rest is taken care by the platform. To alleviate the concerns organizations may have with pushing their core work onto platform, a
step-by-step by process is given below to ensure a smoother start and long-lasting association on the platform.

Begin with small tasks – Since you’re prepping yourself for the first step towards a freelancing platform, it is important to brainstorm and divide the project into sprints and publish one sprint at a time. It becomes tedious to handle multiple sprints and multiple people at once, in the beginning. AIDOOS is an AI based platform which picks your task and assigns them to the right Subject Matter Experts.
Constant Communication – As the tasks are assigned to SME’s across the globe, it is important to have constant communication with them to ensure better understanding of work and coordination between organization and SME. With the global workforce, it becomes essential to exchange each other’s thought process towards quality output.
Avoid rework – Whenever you post a task, ensure it is thought through from a holistic application standpoint of your organization. This helps in avoid rework when other pieces of the application are built in future. 
Feedback is Vital – Your Feedback is a vital factor for the platform to assign right Subject Matter Experts for your future work. It is also important for SME’s to know their delivery quality and adjust as needed.  

Hope you’ll find the above recommendations helpful. If you also have any useful tip that can help us to
hire a good Freelancer. If yes, please share with us in the comments below.

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