Whatever you may call it, chasing the passion or chasing the dream, something really fascinating is happening for people who crave freedom in their work and lives.

The world is done with the stereotypical way of leading life, done with assembly line way of life:

  • Study well
  • Get a job in a reputed company, bigger the company better
  • Always have an eye on the next promotion, rarely happy with the current level
  • Make the companies rich
  • Marriage, kids, their education
  • Retire one day


Huh, so boring, people are done with this. That is why many people have started calling it quits to regular jobs and started choosing their own path.

Many platforms have come up over the past few years that enable everyone to make a living simply from who they are and what they can do. The platforms and avenues are enabling them chase their passion, it could be different from the regular job or could still be the same work but they want to do it their own way - freedom, real freedom. This economy is not to make the employer rich. This is to make every person economically independent and more importantly be happy with work and life.

Look at the number of people quitting their jobs and becoming solopreneurs, they are starting:

  • YouTube channels
  • Podcasts
  • Blogging
  • E-commerce
  • Writing
  • Becoming LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram influencers
  • Making and selling own products
  • Niche Services
  • and many more


People are seeking:

  • Freedom from mundane way of work-life that is not giving sense of fulfillment
  • A chance to live up to their full potential
  • Fair compensation for their talents, skills, and knowledge
  • An opportunity to make a living doing what they love
  • A shot at turning a passion into a way to make a living


In some ways, it feels like a response to the commoditization that has occurred with goods and services — and even employment. There are Superstars in every field and the Superstars who are choosing their passion field are also making it big both in terms of reputation and money.

What about people who do not fall into the above categories and great value addition in their own work. What if they want freedom in their operations?

  • What about software engineers, designers, architects, product managers?
  • What about digital marketers, SEO professionals?
  • What about industry research experts, field study experts?
  • What about lawyers, chartered accountants, teachers?


This is where AiDOOS comes in. It enables every individual to be able to:

  • Forming a team/small community with few individuals
  • High quality product/service offerings from the team
  • One-on-one connections with the experts
  • A stronger sense of community
  • Connecting with people around niche interests
  • More intimate relationships with fewer people
  • Unique and interesting experiences
  • More targeted and valuable information


How is this different than the gig economy or freelancing platforms?

Gig platforms, freelancing platforms are match-making platforms. Experts are always on the run to sell their case, compete in pricing and bid for every work. It is not convenient for consumers of the service as well to go through all the matching experts and pick the right one, this is not scalable. Experts are more or less struck at a level without any growth potential.

AiDOOS changes all this. You can grow on the platform towards solving bigger and complex problems, taking up bigger projects. The passion economy rewards quality, creativity, relationships, and excellence. With the passion economy, you work for yourself. You decide what you are selling. You set your prices. You decide when you want to “work.”

You will never get rich in the gig economy. But, the passion economy has the potential to make you wealthy if you do good and you will have a reputation, market for yourself and your team. It doesn’t take much to get started with a passion economy business. You can start while you are doing fulltime job by signing up on AiDOOS and start offering your services.

This is all very exciting! It gives all of us more flexibility in how we decide to work and live. With a passion economy business — especially one with digital goods and services — you can live anywhere in the world and work whenever you want.

Most of us will follow a traditional career path of climbing the corporate ladder. The economy of the past century rewarded fitting in and being what a company wanted. Get your standardized education, put on your professional clothing, land a job in an office, fit into the corporate culture, don’t make too many waves, and you’ll be OK.

But, a better strategy for the economy of the next decades or century is going to be around the passion people bring to the table. It is what they want to do and not what companies want. Be you - and capitalize on how different you are from everyone else. Focus on your unique story, your personal brand, how you can stand out, and the personal value that no one else can copy. That’s where future success will lie.


This new economy allows everyone to deliver passion and skills at scale. Excited to be part of it.


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