In simple words, work-life balance means that a person gives equal time and importance to both his personal and professional life.

However, this is not the scenario one can observe in the current work ecosystem. Long working hours, a 24x7 working environment, tight deadlines, and job insecurity are just some of the conditions that have made neglect of personal life and happiness a modern pandemic.

As per HSE, major workload pressures issues faced by the employee are tight deadlines and a lack of managerial support. In fact, more than 50% of anxiety and depression cases are related to Office and Workplace stress.

This eventually affects their health and also creates a lot of inequality within the working environment. With the increasing number of people suffering from depression and stress, related problems are rising like: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure and Heart related complications.


The health levels of the modern working class have severely deteriorated.


Work Remotely to Improve Work Balance

Working remotely from your home or anywhere other than a cubicle can have seriously positive effects on your performance and health. It not only gives more comfort to an employee but also helps him to manage the personal and work time, in a much better way.

As per Magazine Canada, people who work remotely can manage their work-life balance more effectively.

Remote working has mostly been possible due to the increase in the use of modern technology. It has not only helped companies grow at a much faster rate but has also enabled them to connect with anyone at any time globally. Due to this, companies have been hiring people from different countries, without the need for any physical presence.

Remote Working Benefits Both Companies and Employee

A person living in India can work for a person living in the USA without even actually meeting face to face. Not only globally, but companies are now encouraging work from home option for employees residing in the same county and city due to common benefits.


According to WBUR, US companies hiring remote staff and using on-demand cloud platforms saved a whopping $5 Billion in 2018!

It helps the company to acquire less office space. Since their employees are working remotely, it helps in saving money on property and office space.

As per SRW, people who have been working remotely were able to give more time to their family and would like to continue working this way.

For the employee, office commute times can extend anywhere from one to two, or even three hours. It leads to fatigue and road-related problems like high blood pressure!

Working remotely from home can help them save these two hours, that they can spend with their family or on a physical fitness routine that can improve their health.

Global Job Opportunities Relieves the Job Security Threat

Remote working presents opportunities without even considering international boundaries. Complete independence of employment!

A person can work in a local office and can work for an international client remotely at the same time, offering them his skills. It helps to reduce the stress due to monetary factors as financial possibilities are limitless.

It helps to relieve the stress related to job security. Working for any enterprise globally has become much easier courtesy of cloud collaboration platforms like Slack and HubSpot.


More Time to Self And Family


The most crucial part of work-life Balance is giving equal time to your health and family.

As per data, people who have been working remotely were able to spend more time on their health, which automatically reduces a lot of significant health risks.

A study by the US Census Bureau has shown the rising number of American citizens who prefer working remotely.

Improved health will not only improve physical appearance but also provide a better mental state and peace of mind. It helps a person stay happy and spend more quality time with his family, keeping his mood better.

There are a lot of unseen physical and mental health benefits of remote working that one cannot have while working on a regular shift at the office.

Remote Working Decreases Inequality and Bias

Cloud collaborations remove the loopholes of hierarchy and bias — only the quality of your work matters.

Hence, a company or its employees cannot decide on someone's work based on gender or other discrimination factors.



The global work landscape is changing. Remote working has grown by 159% in the last 12 years. It shows that at a human level, it has the appeal that comes with the possibilities of an enhanced and enriching lifestyle with ample time for self and loved ones.

We at AIDOOS, feel mesmerized being at the center of such change. We genuinely believe in such a universe and strive hard to connect premium skills with those who need it in a completely remote engineering experience through our cloud-based solutions.

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