Remote lunch and virtual coffee breaks

Remote lunch?

Why not? 

People who work at offices are likely to eat with co-workers and socialise on a daily basis. However, remote workers miss this valuable time to bond and socialize with co-workers.

Audio and video conferencing apps such as Skype can enable remote co-workers to take part in lunch or coffee breaks in "real time."

Benefits - 

1) It is fun and energizing to talk about non-work things and a bunch of random, fun things. It will reduce your feeling of isolation and detachment while working remotely.

2) It also offer a sociable, collaborative way to foster a culture of learning and knowledge sharing. This can encourage teamwork and cooperation with creative work thinking.

Challenge #1

Coordinating Time for Lunch - People prefer to take lunch at their own convenient time, so basically first issue is about coordinating time and getting your plate ready at that time.

Solution: Pragli - Virtual Office for Remote Teams

With Pragli, you can see your team in the virtual office and schedule lunch easily.

Challenge #2

Gross Eating Noises - It's really gross to watch someone eat over a video camera, mainly, because microphones pick up eating noises and amplify them.

Solution: Krisp - Mute Background Noise During Calls

With Krisp, you can filter out eating noises. With a single button, all background noises will be removed.

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