Do you remember the aptitude tests taken while career planning? Apparently, those tests aren’t just a myth, but a true test of destiny and capability. It helps understand the true potential of an individual and determine their future career prospects.

As we move forward in our careers, job positions and stability become a huge question mark, and it becomes essential to fit in the right role for sustainability. In an ever-growing corporate landscape, it is important to identify the right person for the right job for the product and quality outcome.

With the war for talent being so severe, it is getting extremely difficult for organizations to identify the right person for the job.

A chef should cook the food, and a barber should take care of hairdressing. If we reverse the roles, we end up getting uncooked food or an ugly hairstyle.

Organizations by design are forced to deploy wrong people in the jobs due to bureaucracy, hierarchy, favoritism, etc. Ideally, work should be assigned according to one’s ability. But why do we still witness a growing need for proper work division?

One of the main reasons for such division of tasks in an ever-growing enterprise is the fact that work needs to get done in the most convenient manner possible.

As the famous saying goes, ‘as you sow, so shall you reap,’ a company benefits when they select the right candidate with the potential to complete a task.

In a fast-paced digital environment, where work is becoming borderless, enterprises can source IT services from an on-demand service platform. Not only does this help organizations work efficiently, but they also get to use the expertise of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

Companies and organizations don’t divide the workforce based on abilities just for the sake of it. A process and a purpose are attached to this division. The right set of employees for the right job brings in more productivity, enhances output, and increases ROI. It also increases the face value of the company’s networth.

Recruiting the right person for the right job comes with many benefits, such as:


  • Assigning the right job to the right person helps maximize productivity.
  • With the right person handling a task, companies experience no hiring costs and no additional onboarding costs.


To assign the right job to the right person, enterprises need to consider certain aspects:


  • Determining the characteristics of the task or role to understand the key concepts better
  • Developing a job description that reflects the purpose of the task
  • Assigning tasks to experts and receiving work samples for approval


In today’s digital era, if the work can be done remotely, i.e., employees can work from anywhere, why should work be limited to in-house employees in the first place? Isn’t it better to get the work done by the right person without boundaries—the right person for the right job? Sourcing work from experts also helps them. They can innovate instead of being restricted to a bubble.

Hiring resources wisely is essential for businesses as it helps save a lot of time and effort, allowing them to focus on critical aspects. Companies that hire people for the right task and allow them to work remotely can see significant results in the quality of the services offered. Instead of amateurs, hiring professionals who can understand the core aspects of tasks can provide valuable results to companies.

One such platform that helps connect global businesses with expert IT professionals and CXOs is AiDOOS. Not being a freelancer platform, AiDOOS is created to benefit companies and subject experts, it is an on-demand software development service platform with several SMEs (Subject Matters Experts) to provide solutions. It is known to have select, competent, and trusted Subject Matter Experts located globally, who can be allocated tasks by companies worldwide. AiDOOS even helps divide workloads based on expertise, ensuring the right person for the right job.

Each SME has extensive knowledge and can finish tasks within agreed timelines, delivering the highest quality of service.

Some benefits of using AiDOOS as an on-demand platform are:


  • AiDOOS helps with dividing work efficiently among experts.
  • SMEs working remotely can select the task assignment option, ensuring higher productivity.
  • Subject Matter Experts on AiDOOS are known to deliver quality work, ensure timeline adherence, prevent unnecessary repeat sprints, exhibit professional behavior, and assure timely communication.


AiDOOS is divided into two major parts - companies and experts. Companies can publish tasks, fully automated and seamless, while AiDOOS divides work to appropriate SMEs. Individual SMEs can also join thousands of experts forming teams and working for global companies. The AiDOOS platform is known to decentralize task assignments to experts across the globe.

How does AiDOOS work?


  • Enterprises and organizations can sign up for AiDOOS here.
  • Once signed up, organizations can post tasks and assignments.
  • Experts joining the platform need to sign up against their specialized area and expertise for smooth work allotment.
  • Enterprises upload assignments and tasks on AiDOOS, while the platform distributes tasks to experts across the globe.
  • Once an expert confirms an assignment or task, the expert and the enterprise collaborate on AiDOOS, regularly updating task progress.
  • Once the expert completes the task, the delivered task is reviewed and accepted by the enterprise.
  • AiDOOS works on a pay-per-task approach, and the payment is disbursed to experts based on work quality and task completion figures.


As AiDOOS is known to have a wide range of Subject Matter Experts who understand the industry, organizations can remain assured that the right person is given the right job.

AiDOOS is the future of work platforms and helps experts connect with enterprise IT systems to perform and deliver tasks. Since the right expert delivers high-quality tasks on time, enterprises can significantly save on time and costs.

AiDOOS serves to remove all non-value-added layers within organizations and help them increase agility and transparency. To help organizations with timely updates, AiDOOS also offers in-built communication channels.

Experts can serve any enterprise across the globe regardless of where they live. Subject Matter Experts can work for their dream companies remotely. Using the AiDOOS platform, experts can leverage their earnings and have greater autonomy. Experts also have the liberty to work on a flexible work schedule and choose tasks accordingly.

Once onboard, experts can experience a continuous flow of work without being restricted to one corporate entity. Signing up as an expert on AiDOOS opens up various doors for SMEs and helps them grow in their specific industry. IT professionals and CXOs can begin their remote working journey with just a few clicks on AiDOOS.




Getting the right person for the right job can often be tricky for organizations. It can be due to an increasing labor force, decreasing wages, increasing assignments and tasks, etc. In such instances, an automated work distribution platform is an essential tool to get things done well and by the right experts.

AiDOOS is known to have Subject Matter Experts across industries, including IT professionals and CXOs. With an automated work distribution algorithm and a “pay per task” model, AiDOOS is built to serve both enterprises and experts and provide the right person for the right job.

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