Recently, a famous saying is floating everywhere on the internet “If you think it is expensive to hire a professional, just wait until you hire an Amateur”. Let us drill down and find out from where this saying has originated. This saying was originally said by Red Adair, an American oil well firefighter. He became popular as an expert in a very highly specialized and risk involved profession; Oil and gas well fire extinguishing. He is well known for his remarkable win by extinguishing oil well fire set by Saddam Hussain in Kuwait during Gulf War in 1991. Red Adair put his best-in efforts with an intent to save someone money if he is allowed to do his job right at first place only.


This one lined quote has much deeper underlying meaning in it and it will be understood even better if we don’t pay attention what is being said here. There are times when people would make a business deal at par just to be in the race. And, often take their mistake to the next level by hiring Amateurs to do the job; pay less and keep more profit in their own kitty. This one mistake can change the game drastically and de-root the business from its league, because of poor work quality, improper project management and zero timeline adherence.


On the other hand, if you hire a resource wisely, his efforts and experience can pay you off with many more new businesses and a good name in the market. So, what business strategy would you use at your budding stage?

There are times when people are aware that it might not be a good decision for them to choose a freelancing website, but they didn’t have any choice than to take a risk. Yes, you DIDN’T have the choice but Now you have a CHOICE. Here, the first and old choice is being referred to the immensely popular Freelancing Websites where they offer a number of services and a huge chunk of freelancers serving your needs.
Here is a list of issues that people come across with majority of the freelancing websites but is taken care by AIDOOS:

Choosing the right Fit is one of the biggest challenges on these platforms. It becomes a tedious task for oneself to choose the right candidate amongst the trained/untrained pool of resources available on the platform.

Quality. The next problem arises right after the one ends, is whether the selected freelancer will be going to deliver what is expected. Even the listed rates cannot be the differentiating factor in terms of quality and timely deliverables.

Accountability. You must be wondering so far that if these platforms charge you for every single task that you post; is there any accountability they hold for your tasks? The Answer is No. It is you who is paying, and you will be the one who is liable for anything that goes wrong, since these platforms are just a means of providing a platform to Freelancers and people who are looking for freelancers.

Commitment. Though you’re abiding all your commitments that is expected by the platform and the freelancer like, advance payments, timely review, etc. But that does not ensure that the freelancer will also stick to the commitments he agreed upon. For example, quality of work, agreed timelines, future redundancies, etc.
When surveyed, there are reasons why organizations or individual chose these platforms even if there is a lot of risk involved. Let’s see what are these even bigger challenges that brings you to freelancing platforms.

Seasonal Project – There are times when companies get a large volume of projects/tasks in a particular part of the year only which is why companies either look for contractual based employees or freelancing platforms.

Cost Cutting – Most of the startups and even established companies are outsourcing their low risk-involved task to freelancers in order to cut down costs for Infrastructure, Overhead Payouts and employee engagement expenses.

Infrastructure Cost – The infrastructure cost is one of the components that consumes most of the annual Profits per year. Despite being depreciative, it is mandate to spend a good amount just to upkeep and upgrade them periodically so that your infrastructure stays functioning.

Hiring hassle – When you get a new project or new requirements for prevailing project, the first thing comes in your mind is how many new resources you need for the tasks, from where you are going to hire, how many applicants will turn for the interview plus all the infrastructure you need to arrange for the new hires, and so on. Instead of putting yourself into all these hassles, you might want to go for a freelancing website.

Looking at the above scenarios, it is clear that outsourcing work is the necessity of today’s work culture. However, there are other aspects as well which are even more crucial for your work to maintain sustainability and competitiveness in the industry; like work standard, Quality of work and timeline adherence.


To meet the requirement of modern workplaces, we have a new but a reliable platform which caters all the existing features that you get with any other freelancing website. BUT it caters to all the aspects that you can think of, from a project management perspective to project delivery, from quality of work to quantity of work, from versatility in work culture to firmness in working attitude.


With AIDOOS, you get freedom from unnecessary hostility and you get your work done by Subject Matter Experts instead of Amateurs which gives an assurance of Quality work, fixed timelines adherence, unnecessary repeated sprints, professional behavior, better means of communication, etc. You get all these without any hassle since AIDOOS is an AI based platform which once you publish your task, picks it up and assigns it to the most appropriate SME and gives you a complete and transparent picture of your project with the world’s best project management tools – JIRA and TFS.

So, in short, with AIDOOS you hire freelancing not freelancer, which means the platform holds a responsibility for all the tasks been posted on the platform and fulfills all its commitments.

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