The Emergence of Talent as a Service and its Evolvement to Task as a Service

Arguably, the most subscribed and popular on-demand or pay-as-you-use service model is a SaaS (Software as a Service). The concept of the Software as a Service model is very simple; if you want to access a service, subscribe to it (purchase) in the required quantity ( users, etc) for the period you need it, then pay based on the usage, and unsubscribe when not needed. This allows small businesses to save time and money because they don’t have to develop the software tools by setting up a team for a long time. 

Today, almost all services - technology and non-technology - are available in this model under the umbrella of XaaS. TaaS (Talent as a Service) is one among them. One top common feature of these models is the easy accessibility for small to medium organizations, including startups, to the services that they could not afford with upfront, one-time investment till recently. Small to medium businesses and startups usually struggle to deliver internal and external projects mainly because of the challenges involved in sourcing, finding, and onboarding the right talent at the right time in the right numbers at the required location. 

TaaS makes helps you minimize, if not eliminate, the cost of maintaining the full-time, permanent workforce. It also provides small organizations, the flexibility to add and remove the workforce depending on the need of the projects. The model enables you to deliver projects efficiently, smoothly, and at a lower cost.


What is Talent as a Service (TaaS)?

Recruitment teams used to struggle with the cumbersome process that involves creating a job description, posting or advertising the requirement on the appropriate media, calling the candidates, interviewing, shortlisting, negotiating, finalizing, and onboarding the candidates. It becomes even more painful when after all these processes the candidates do not show up and leave immediately. When the requirement is urgent or of niche talents, the challenge gets difficult. Talent as a Service platform takes away this burdensome process from you by allowing a smooth, easy, and flexible process.

In simple terms, Talent as a Service is a productive and efficient solution to overcome the pain of the manual recruitment process that businesses, particularly small businesses, undergo. It is not a hiring solution that just replaces the manual process with an automated algorithm, but rather a platform that enables you to match the talents to your requirements, budget, and timelines and onboard them for projects for the required duration. If you are considering hiring new resources, the Talent as a Service platform allows you the comfort of outsourcing the burden of the entire hiring process to the team and the technology of the platform at a fraction of short-term and long-term costs.


Why Should You Consider TaaS For Your Business? 

While Talent as a Service has been gaining acceptability among businesses, the majority of them are either unaware of such platforms and their methods or are averse to trying them. Every business has a different structure and corporate culture, which influence every decision it takes. W ether to choose TaaS depends also depends on the organizational structure and culture. The following are some top benefits that accompany the TaaS model.


  • Cost Savings

TaaS helps businesses save costs in different ways; one is the savings from eliminating or minimizing the internal recruitment team and the cost involved in the conventional recruitment and onboarding process. The other one comes from the peculiarities of the model; that you can replace the full-time permanent resources with resources that can be availed and used on an on-demand basis of the project. Unlike in the case of permanent employees, there are no costs in the form of benefits and allowances involved, and as well that you don’t have to maintain a resource bench. 

  • Workload Management 

Most startups may not have a steady flow of business and revenue. While cyclical changes in business can be predicted to an extent, project-based business is comparatively difficult to forecast. This creates a situation where resources move to the bench when there is a downfall in projects and chaos when projects increases in number. Both the situations - more resources and fewer resources - are not good for business. With the TaaS, that allows you to procure and use the resource demand, you won’t have to worry about paying your employees during a slow month or scramble during a high month.

  • Minimize Risks

Hiring full-time employees involve the risk of them leaving the job quickly, after getting them trained and made ready, or of hiring the wrong employee. This necessitates the need to start the process again, incurring more expenses and spending additional time, and is also frustrating. But when you source resources through TaaS, you don’t have any contractual obligation to retain or give notice and can immediately onboard another resource quickly. 

  • Access to Top Talent

Generally, only large organizations can attract top talent for the glamour and package attached to them. Startups and small companies find it difficult to access top and rare talents because of these reasons. TaaS makes amends to this pattern and enables organizations of any size and age to accept talents of their requirements smoothly and cheaply, facilitating the acquisition of high-quality resources at a reasonable cost. 

  • Scalability

It provides you the flexibility to scale your business when it demands. Getting the required number of best-fit talents at the right time is one of the top challenges for businesses, particularly startups, to scale, grow, or diversify. TaaS helps you overcome these hurdles.


The Evolvement of TaaS into Task as a Service

While Talent as a Service helps businesses with finding and onboarding the right talent at the right time, it doesn’t always solve the pains of small to medium companies and startups to manage and deliver internal and external projects, particularly technology projects at the right time, cost, and quality. 

For that to happen, the platform must enable the businesses to manage projects from end-to-end, without the need to bother about recruitment, resource management, resource bench, project management tasks, and technology stacks. This requires the Talent as a Service model to evolve into Task as a Service platform. Outsourcing has been a cost-cutting model for businesses for a long time, but it was mostly limited to large enterprises. Small to medium enterprises and startups were left out to continue to struggle with a less cost-efficient manual recruiting process. 


Concluding Note

TaaS, particularly the "Task as a Service" version, has already started creating footprints and it will replace the existing manual process of resource and project management in the days to come. AiDOOS provides the Talent as a Service and evolving Task as a Service platform to reduce, if not avoid the pains of managing your projects - technology and non-technology projects, in turn helping you save time and cost, and enhance quality. AiDOOS will enable you to deliver projects in time at a reasonable cost to help you scale and grow your business profitably. TaaS is arguably the best friend of a small development firm.

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